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How To Impress Your College Professors
I am in my third year as a faculty member at a university. Honestly, I like most of my students. The majority are nice young people who want to succeed in college and in life. Most are respectable of their fellow students and myself. Yet, there are some who undeniably stand out among the crowd. In short, they've really impressed me.

Why does it matter? Why is it worth their effort to impress me? I am not suggesting students "kiss up," but showing me their strongest attributes can benefit them in their academic and occupational careers. Sometimes I get announcements about jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunities. Who do I pass these along to? I send these announcements to the students that impress me. Students often need letters of recommendations, and I get plenty of phone calls checking on references. Do I say better things about students that impress me? Of course I do. I also seek out students to help me with research and serve as teaching assistants. These opportunities are especially useful for students who want to go on to graduate school. Who do I ask to be research and teaching assistants? Students who impress me.
Here are some tips on how to impress your college professors:
1. Be nice. This means to be nice to me. We don't need to be best friends. You don't have to buy me gifts or excessively compliment my teaching style, but if I do something out of my way to help you (such as editing your resume), a simply thank you is very much appreciated. It also means to be nice to your fellow students. I might not notice it every time, but over the course of a semester, I tend to notice who is genuine and friendly to their classmates. Why does this matter? A potential employer might call and ask me to rate how well I think you would work as part of a team. If I think you can get along with your classmates, I'll probably figure you're a team player.
2. Be conscientious. You may or may not be the brightest student in the class. Maybe you don't even get a fantastic grade in my class. However, if you follow directions and hand assignments in on time consistently, I begin to realize that your education is a priority to you. You save me the time and hassle (and awkwardness) of trying to decide how to deal with your late assignment, and I appreciate that. I can now write a letter of recommendation that says you are always on top of things, and I can tell a potential employer that you follow through on tasks.
3. Relate real world material to class. Sometimes I will have a student come up before or after class, or even send me an email, to tell me that they saw a TV show or heard a news story that reminded them of a certain topic we discussed in class. This tells me that you are doing more than memorizing material; you are able to apply it to the real world. It also tells me that you pay attention in class.
4. Laugh at my jokes. Okay, you don't have to laugh at ALL of them. A smile will work just fine. I know I don't tell jokes that are all that funny, but your smile of acknowledgment tells me that you have a positive attitude in general. It tells me that you come to class everyday because you want to, not just because you have to. It tells me that you are a pleasant person to be around and also that you have good social skills. If there happens to be an opening for a student to work with me on research project, I want you working with them.
5. Participate in class, but not too much. Everyone has had someone in a class that dominates the conversation. Don't be that person. But don't be afraid to speak up in class. Sometimes I ask a question in class and everyone stares back at me silently. It's not a great feeling. If you hear that silence and decide to bail me out, thank you! I will remember that! If you are willing to be the first to speak when no one else wants to talk, I appreciate it.
Finally, just be around. This means coming to class, showing up at my office hours occasionally, and once in a while asking a follow up question after class. The more I get to know you, the more I remember you--and the more of an impression you make on me. In order to impress me, I have to know who you are.See more info of essay writer tips the jittery monks visit this website
I don't give this advice because I think I am some sort of a grant authority figure that you need to suck up to. I give this advice because I WISH I had realized this when I was in college. Trust me---your professors do notice what you do. What do you want them to notice?